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Powdered free vinyl glove

PVC gloves is the use of PVC, with anti-static properties, Class1000 clean room processing, high purity water purification and ultrasonic cleaning. Class1000 clean room cleaning / processing / packaging / storage. Gloves flat, no color, no impurities, no taste, uniform color, uniform quality, quality assurance · Class10000 grade PVC gloves applicable standards Class10000 dust-free clean room use.


Xinyuan International Development Co., Ltd.. is a manufactuer and export  enterprises. The company mainly produces various types of disposable powder-free PVC gloves, blue and other colors are pink and powder-free PVC gloves, fake powder and powder-free latex gloves have, PE gloves, masks. Products on human skin allergies, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, anti-penetration, acid, anti-oil. Our products are widely used in many fields of health, laboratories, food processing, printing, chemicals, electronics, household and so on.


Powdered free vinyl glove


Specifications and packaging:
Color: natural color, blue, or other colors. 
Model: Extra small, small, medium, large, XL. 
Package: (1) conventional packaging 100 / box, 10 boxes / carton; 
             (2) or according to customer needs. 
+ Product Description:
1, from synthetic PVC material, non-latex gloves easy to make human protein allergy, those who are allergic to latex gloves, you can use this product. 
2, Ambidextrous, durable, good hand stick, flexible operation. 
3, applies to many areas of health, laboratories, food processing, electronics, household and other family. 
4, pink gloves included 100% pure natural corn starch. 
5, the product is disposable gloves.

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