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disposable non woven face mask used many times

We are a leading  non woven face mask in china.In the daily life. more and more people ask us. could the disposable non woven face mask uses many times. The answer definitly not.


what person are easy to get the lung cancer with high risk?we all know,Smokers are at high risk of lung cancer.Another is direct touching of harmful dust occupations, such as asbestos workers. who  also are easy to get lung cancer.while staying in high levels of chemicals powders environment year by year are easy to suffer from lung disease too; In addition  genetic is also a factor.


Disposable non woven face mask which is not suitable for use again and again.A professor told us.Because when we breathe, there is a certain degree of humidity, in fact the bacteria are there.In this environment,maybe breed a number of other things  such as mycete.when your body in low immunity,it's easy to sensitive sick .
non woven face mask
The outer lay of disposable face mask tends to accumulate lots of dust,bacteria and other contaminants.The inner layer blocking the exhaled bacteria, saliva, so both sides of the face mask can not be used interchangeably. Otherwise when our face close to the outer layer with contaminated dirt directly which easy the face when inhaled by our nose.these makes the outer layer becomeing a source of infection. 
If disposable masks are wet by hot breath or saliva, its barrier effect will be greatly reduced. So usually we should not use the face mask many times.
To sum up all, there are many harmes in when used the non woven face mask many times. so in our daily life.we should use it with only one time.

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