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Xinyuan LDPE glove used in school cafeteria

What a great news.Our factory more advance products - LDPE Glove are popularly used in school cafeteria.


ldpe glove in school cafeteria


     LDPE Glove used in school cafeteria


On September 28, "The school canteen Open Day" organized by the Food and Drug Administration and  Hefei City Board of Education held simultaneously in 30  schools. Our factory manager and I with great honor to attend it.Yesterday morning, 21 parent representatives of the fourth hefei Middle School students came to the cafeteria to visit and learn more about the cafeteria purchasing channels and watch the production process of lunch. At noon, Hupo High School cafeteria in addition to students, but also 18 students parents in the dining room. they eat together.


Cafeteria clean and tidy, Reasonable of meat and Vegetables,Nutritional balance


When we enter into the HUPO high middle school's cafeteria hall.fist to our eyes is the clean floors,tidy tables.At the get meal and dish window, you can see each workman are with white overalls, wearing a white hat, and non-woven face mask, ldpe glove.  we are very pride of seeing this. because those disposable products are mainly from our factroy.Reported by the cafeteria HUPO, cookers must be wear overall when into the workplace, if not they will be punished."

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