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HDPE Glove Flow Of Production

Disposable PE Glove contains HDPE Glove. Some days ago, I am happy to have a chance in our factory workshop to study on the production flow of the HDPE Glove. Our factory has decade years experience on manufactureing diposable plastic glove which is exported all over the world.


First: prepare the original material. check it.


HDPE Glove material  


Second: Put the original material in the blow film machine's funnel.



By the high temperature and the high voltage,The white HDPE granule became a long thin film.


Third:Put the thin film to the glove machine to make glove out.


a,The finished glove film.


hdpe glove film


B. The glove machine use the finger model press out the glove. Amazing?


HDPE Glove machine


when the glove out of the glove machine,The conveyor belt transfer the glove to the the workman's hand who tear out the offcut. and wrap over the glove.


wrapped HDPE Glove

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