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Disposable pe glove expiration time

With the pace of life speed up,Our life into the "disposable" era.The emergence of disposable products like XinaYuan factory disposable plastic products(HDPE Glove,LDPE GLOVE,Powdered vinyl glove,powdered free vinyl glove) make our life more easy and great convenience.And some careful consumers maybe find that such convenient disposable products also have expiration time.once it exceeds the expirarion time.the use of the disposable products will do great injury to our body.seriously may cuase cancer.


"Look at the disposable pe glove,Not only of the wrinkled surface but also a mouldy smell.what the hell whether can i  use it?" a customer said this with query.she brought a chicken from the market and trying to tear the chicked meat.In order to keep the oil away from her hands.so she took out the disposable HDPE Glove which brought many days ago.but when she use it a little time.then find those questions refered above.She didn't know whether to use it?


"I heard a friend said that the disposable pe glove also has expiration time.Does it out of date now?"With this idea she checked the diposable hdpe glove's expiration time.As expected,the disposable pe glove has exteed the expiration time about five months.


"I didn't know the disposable pe glove has expiration time.but fortunately i did not continue to use it. when found it exceeded the expiration time.otherwise whether this kind of glove can cause some harms to the body.


With too many investigations,we found these are many disposable pe gloves saling with three no in the market.this cause many people and merchants don't know the disposable glove have expiration time.A merchant from catering trade he said.they always buy more cheap "three no" products.this kinds of glove don't have package,which bundle with line.they don't have any produce time and expiration time.


Finally.we know from the profession people.generally,the disposable pe glove expiratioin time always two years.if the disposable plastic glove stock time exceed two years.you shouldn't use it. because of the long time stock which cause its surface generates mycete.it does great harm to our body.


xinyuan good quality and long expiration time glove sum up:


1,LDPE Glove


2,HDPE Glove


3,Powdered vinyl glove


4,powdered free vinyl glove

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