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Right Way Use Non-Woven Face Mask

Recently because Ebola Virus have appeared.Every person need wear Non-wonven Face Mask for personal protection,you know,Wearing masks correct is too important.Simply look at the right way to wear disposable face mask.

Under the mask first to understand, whether it is disposable masks or other masks, there are positive and negative, it is disposable masks, the color depth is positive, positive outward. See the figure, with a red circle in which the position of the nose clip metal strip.


Opposite color disposable masks relatively shallow, negative inward, that side of light color close to our face. In addition, the need to note that there is one end of the metal strip above the masks, do not bring upside down.



Points clear front mask, negative, above, after the bottom, from right to wear masks method far away. Wash your hands, and make sure that masks the color of light side inward (negative), there is one end of the metal strip up (above), both ends of the rope hanging on the ear.


The most important step, you need to use both hands pressed metal strips on both sides of the nose, so close to the upper end of the nose masks. Then down the stretch masks, make masks without leaving wrinkles, better covering the nose and mouth.


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