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Disposable PE Glove Machine Knowleadge

disposable pe glove machine

How to distinguish the glove machine?


1,From the glove machine needles. The disposable pe glove can be divide Seven needles, ten-pin, thirteen needles.


How to repair and maintenance disposable pe glove machine?


 Disposable pe glove machine is easy to maintenance. Buy or if you have air compressor, Take it and blow the glove machine every day or every few days. to blow off the top of the wool on the pe glove machine to keep it clean. Also remember to refuel from time and time.And when got bad parts. take it off from the machine as soon as possible.


Which kind of disposable glove machine is pupulared in the market?


Now,The more popular on the market is ten-pin  gloves.whcih price about 135000 RMB.


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