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Where to buy HDPE Glove In China

Disposable PE gloves made by (HDPE) high density polyethylene material, with other refined auxiliaries.HDPE gloves with bump or flat surface, bright color, transparency, Uniform thickness, easy to wear and comfortable. Ideal for domestic work, restaurants, beauty salons, electronics, factories and other industries.


These days lots of company purchase managers ask me where can they import good quanlity and cheap price HDPE glove.Today I want to tell them.Xinyuan International Development Co., Ltd worth them to have a try.


Xinyuan International Development Co., Ltd is a large manufactuer of HDPE gloves with decade years experience.He introduce advantage production equipments,  Constantly Using high-quality raw materials.and strict quanlity control. these made him get too many praise from home and abroad consumers.

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Any purchase of HDPE GLOVES are welcome to contact:export13@chinadailyuse.com


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