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What protective clothing does the paint spraying work wear?

1, During the paint spraying process, the surface of the paint must be in a dust-free environment in order to prevent impurities that are invisible to the naked eye.
Our protective clothing is excellent for both liquid and particulate dust protection, and is designed for people in hot climate  or working environments to help reduce the occurrence of thermal stress.
Our microporous coverall are widely used in various industrial fields: our protective clothing has a good protective effect on the fiber, hair, dust has a good protective effect, and its surface is very smooth, and and after anti-static treatment, dust can not be retained. When entering the painting area from the outside, wear protective clothing will not bring a lot of dust, and it will eliminate potential dangers of entering the workshop. The environment of the car painting workshop should be achieve dust-free requirements, reflecting the perfect coating effect.  
2, The workplace around painting workplace must be strictly protected,  so protective clothing is a heavy barrier to harmful substances. Our protective clothing is lightweight, tough, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Special seam to ensure suture fastness. It can effectively insulate the physical contact between the aerosol and the painter, while also making an outstanding contribution to the dust-free environment of the paint shop.
Disposable coverall applications:
Paint Spraying, Clean Room, Food Processing, Microbiology Control, Medical & Health, Electronics Industry, Biopharmaceutical, Reagent Shop, Paint, Spray Painting, General Maintenance, Manufacturing, Forensic, Crime Scene, Waste Disposal, Nuclear Industry, Clean Room, Pest Control, Food Processing, Microbial Protection, manufacturing laboratories, Viral Contamination Area
Domain, biochemical protection, emergency care.

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