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non-woven material price decrese recently

Xinyuan non-woven face mask factory bring you the latest market price. the price of non-woven material is descending. which for us is definitely good news.
Non-woven are  widely used nowadays. They can be used for medical,home,packaging and so on. in our factory, we mainly use them to produce non-woven face mask and face mask with ear loop.
Since last month, as a result of non-woven polypropylene raw material price up, which involve the  increase of non-woven products.xinyuan non-woven factory and the vast majority of customers and friends have expressed considerable frustration, but also eager to spunbond nonwovens can be with stabilized prices. It's price does  slightly fall back in recently. To out customers. this is an undoubtedly good news.
 However, the person with much experience in this industry also said that the price of non-woven polypropylene may be just a  slightly rebound fell back, the general trend should not change too much. In other words, in short-term,non-woven prices will not drop too much, and may even  continue to rise. For such a possibility, Xinyuan Non-woven face mask factory also remind customers and friends  to grasp the opportunity at this  moment.

Non woven material

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